This is the ‘EARTH’ of Peace-Earth-Future. The purpose is to add something to the effort of saving Earth from the humans, while remembering, humans are part of the natural world.

Our plan here is to create a resource which people can use in their mission of preserving the remaining parts of our natural world and its inhabitants and helping the Earth to recover some of its nature.

Starting with the rainforests of South America, if one:

  • needed to research and write an academic thesis
  • was tired of vacationing in a ‘highly processed’ environment
  • wished to spend some leisure dollars on something which supported preservation
  • wanted to learn about nature directly
  • wished to visit and learn about the way of life in indigenous communities
  • needed a guide
  • a place to stay
  • desired to spend time in the company of like-minded ecological preservationists, scientists, researchers, students and philanthropists

. . . one would probably need to visit a biological research station, eco-lodge or nature preserve. I hope to build this into a resource where one can research options for visiting the rainforest.

The first one on the list, I visited in April of 2018. The Las Piedras Amazon Center is the research station of non-profit, ARCAmazon, located in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. The following are a few of the photos I took while volunteering in their Tropical Fungi Cataloging program (but I saw way more than mushrooms!).  


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