WORLD PEACE PLAN – Earth’s New Paradigm

Earth’s New Paradigm and PEACE PLAN

Why does humanity need a New Paradigm?

Technology and our continued accumulation of knowledge have made our old pattern of civilization obsolete. Yet unchanged, is our continued yearning for purpose. My best theory is that our purpose, actually the purpose of the Universe and its creation of  life, is the spread of intelligence and order and to ultimately carry past an eventual Big Crunch(this would assume a multi-verse). As we do this, naturally we will want to better the human state through any means possible. In so doing we must take our evolution out of the hands of the randomness and brutality of nature until the point that it is entirely self-directed. Where this will take us is unclear but surely out into space and away from the evolutionary remnant of pain and discomfort.

The main answer to the “why a New Paradigm of Humanity?” Is that we will never get to our transhuman future where we, as Giulio Prisco writes, “…go to the stars and find Gods, build Gods, become Gods…,”  unless we survive our current stage as a hostile and warring race. This is why we need a New Paradigm of Humanity; in order to first survive ourselves.

We stopped evolving through natural biological means long ago. This started at the dawn of agriculture and came in strong with the beginning of medicine. We have continued to move away from our animal roots ever since. No longer are the genes of those naturally most fit for a given environment assured to be those most copied into the future. Our evolution now is becoming self-directed and technology driven. And we have no real choice but to embrace technology since the only alternative would be to revert to the survival of the fittest. Reverting to a pure natural selection model for our future presence is out of the question since we are an empathic species. Also, once technology is ‘out of the box’ so to speak it is impossible to put it back (imagine doing away with the wheel). So we will continue to embrace technology for the survival of our loved ones and the human brand of intelligence. There are many possible paths and there may be many branches to humanity’s coming Transhuman tree.

Think about our civilization, where we still engage in tribalism and form groups for protection and to subjugate other groups. The majority of world citizens not only cannot contribute to society but are locked in survival mode. We would be so much more efficient at advancing technology if the majority of our citizenry was able to contribute, and if resources were not directed to war efforts and competition.

I thought at first that I needed to work upon a Peace Project but discovered that the root causes of war are intertwined with all of society’s ills and a comprehensive solution is required.

We have war and strife because we are a fractured and stratified society. Our nature that we inherited from nature, is to group together for protection and to compete with others. If we were to cease this one behavior of forming exclusive groups for competition there would be no war(and no need of a 15 step peace plan). There are many pieces to the puzzle however such as competing belief systems and uneven distribution of resources. So, to solve our warring nature, again we need to solve all of our ills. This sounds impossible but we indeed have the knowledge and technology to do this. We need only a willingness and for leaders to show the way. This is why it is time for a New Paradigm. To move forward we must do so as one united and inclusive people.

As we become transhuman we may logically and thoughtfully eliminate or modify human traits that lead to competition, selfishness and all of the other negative emotions. Until then we must address the issues with what we have now to work with. Philosophers, theologians, holy men, lawmakers, gurus, and mothers everywhere have been trying to change our natures for the better for thousands of years with only  limited success.

The New Paradigm of Humanity is necessarily a work in progress as it too must evolve. Many questions need to be answered and probably attempting a new paradigm will create more questions than answers at first. Also, this working new paradigm will need to be a collaboration since no one wishes to be dictated to and no one has all the answers. The first question we may ask our collective selves is, “What sort of society do we wish to become?”

Here are the steps to a working New Paradigm of Humanity, with the initial aim of developing a peaceful society:

  1. Inclusiveness – Eliminating WE vs. THEY; the formation of GROUPS
  2. Cease our policy of meeting AGGRESSION with AGGRESSION
  3. Let go of our desire for REVENGE
  4. Stop running on ANGER and other negative emotions
  5. Eliminate FEAR
  6. FAIR and JUST treatment of all
  7. A universal BELIEF SYSTEM based upon science and reason
  8. Cultivate the ability to see things from the PERSPECTIVE of others
  9. Equal access to RESOURCES including EDUCATION
  10. Voluntarily limit OUR NUMBERS
  11. Be a CULTURE of PEACE
  12. ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT without borders
  14. Move beyond our system of COMPETITION
  15. Opportunity for SELF-ACTUALIZATION and self esteem for all
  16. EGO, the mind-made self. If individually and collectively we an allow the egoic self to dissolve … (As my edits continue, this one will likely move up to #1 place).

Note that between these fifteen principles that there is much overlap, reinforcing the point of the need for a comprehensive plan.

Further Detail:

1. INCLUSIVENESS – moving beyond  WE vs THEY
Banding together in a hostile world, we formed groups, experiencing the world in the duality of a ‘we’ distinct and different from everything else. This tendency to differentiate and categorize, when applied to people, ‘we’ vs ‘they’, is especially problematic. Our environment is generally no longer dangerous, so even the need to categorize things is limited. An exception is that of people, and springs from exclusion, a self-perpetuating practice. If we can only see The Family of Man as a unified group, I believe it would be the end of most struggle, strife and war.

Also, the family of life is one group, implying a respect for all life by us, Earth’s dominant lifeform. Based upon this, all lifeforms should be allowed to live without our negative impact—any footprint upon this planet should be a positive one. Further, ancient sages, insisted on a Universal oneness encompassing all things.

Seeing ourselves as separate from others and different from other life, drives destruction. Yes, we will continue to categorize things like ‘apples and oranges’. However, applying categories to people is the issue. Continuing the evolution of our consciousness requires that we move beyond the exclusion inherent in a ‘we’ separate from a ‘they’. Simply the mindset of ‘we vs. they’ is the prime enabler of war and the driver of all strife. We might start on an individual level with a simple shift in perspective. Rather than seeing ourselves in the world, we can realize we are the world, all of us. This would be a start to a sense of oneness.

Competition is an aspect of nature, and as we sprang from nature, we are competitive. It is this nature which causes us to subjugate others. If groups exist, groups will attempt to dominate other groups. Thus, it is clear nature can only take the evolution of consciousness so far. We are at the limit now. Because we posses the technology to destroy the world, ourselves and everything nature has worked towards—it is time to move beyond nature’s competition model. This is the next step in the evolution of consciousness on Earth.

The competition model: We strive to do better than others—other people, other species, our ancestors. We want our group to do better. A dominant group marginalizes other groups to keep them subordinate. Nature knows no boundary when it comes to competition.

A unified global society – How do we unify while embracing cultural differences? That is a key. Each of us has been conditioned by our culture since birth. Realizing that and that each of us has our own unique conditioning is a start. Then, working beyond this to embrace the concept of ‘one people’ and rejecting ‘we vs. they’ will be progress.

Short of becoming a completely enlightened populous, our collective ego, along with our cultural identities will remain. Education may promote tolerance, alleviating exclusion of perceived outsiders however, until we are linked together as one people, some level of strife will remain. This is key. Isolation is a prison which breeds dissonance. Freeing people from this prison requires equal access to uncensored information, and ultimately, the dissolving of borders. Under such a system, we can enjoy diversity, sharing various aspects of our cultures. Later, if we can be linked by a common purpose, a new epoch of humanity will unfold.

Two negatives never equal a positive. War plus War does not equal lasting Peace. We must eliminate retaliatory response to offenses, sometimes called ‘tit for tat’ or ‘responding in kind’. Possibly only a very strong nation can pull this off or a small nation would need the backing of a majority of other nations if attacked. The problem/solution of defending boarders, having resources appropriated, being subjugated by another people or group – Ultimately and as stated previously, there should be no boarders, separate peoples or groups. This solves the problem conclusively. However until we are enlightened enough to pull that off we need a plan for now. Since we have groups for the moment a strong consortium of enlightened dominant groups must protect a nation who has agreed not to respond in kind to aggression or the intent to appropriate its land or resources. An immediate crippling strike by the consortium on those in power who instrumented the aggression should be both effective in freeing the attacked group and also prevent the rise of another regimes who would continue this behavior. It does not matter that a group uses a many year old claim of ownership or sovereignty over another group. If a group attacks, the leaders are taken out. This would all depend of course on cohesiveness within the consortium of governments, absolutely no political agendas and absolute honesty. There would sadly have to be no regard for the families of the attacking regime. There would also have to be.

3. Let go of our desire for REVENGE
Related, similar to or overlapping with the above but this is a personal construct. This is extremely difficult to do on a personal level but as a people, if we truly desire peace it must be done.

4. Let go of ANGER
Don’t blame others for any aspect of your life that you are not satisfied with – use your intelligence and build the life you desire.

5. Eliminate FEAR
One prerequisite for a totally peaceful civilization to exist is that everyone must feel secure and confident that they and others will not be attacked. Only through belief that the world community would sanction an aggressor and protect the attacked can the oppressed lose their fear and anger and resist retaliatory aggression.

6. FAIR and JUST treatment of all persons
HUMAN RIGHTS, No person or group shall be subjugated or excluded from full participation in society. This overlaps with number 9, “Equal access to Resources and Education.” Competitiveness – We must find a way to limit, satisfy or redirect our natural urge to compete without removing our motivation to achieve greatness or excel. A society which stratifies its citizenry into groups for the potential uneven distribution of resources and education is not a just one. A civilization which allows the subjugation of people by people is not civil.

7. Universal belief system based upon science and REASON
This may be the most difficult concept to implement  but we must start somewhere. If we are not yet ready to give up our many religions and rely upon logic maybe as a first step we need a Consortium of Religions to work at agreement on some basic rules for worship such as the following:

a) Understand that others feel as passionately about his/her prophet, holy man, god, etc. as you do so they must be left peacefully to their beliefs and practice. This would include no proselytizing.
b) Don’t condemn another person’s non-harmful method of worship.
c) To interpret any work of faith as directing one to violence is a misinterpretation or perversion
d) Religious bodies must be encouraged to educate their followers in peaceful practice
e) A religion must police its own ranks for those who would pervert scripture

8. Cultivate the ability to see things from another’s PERSPECTIVE
One cause of trouble: Seeing things only from your own unique perspective. From our history: for survival, an organism must sense its environment and respond. Another’s environment or viewpoint does not matter to its survival. This is how all life evolved. We each have our own unique perspective from which we view the word. We need to respect that everyone else has theirs as well. Before you make an emotional response to the perception of another person’s slight or offense try for a moment to look at things from their perspective. You cannot even know what another has gone through in their past life but just try. What could they have gone through growing up or even this morning which might cause them to see things this way. Everyone is doing the best they can from their current level of consciousness.

Going further, we all live in our own unique world which is made up of everything we have experienced, how we reacted to those stimuli, our brain make up and other genetic differences. A person who grew up in a poor, run down area of a city will have a different perspective from someone who grew up in a privileged family. That does not mean that anyone from any particular background cannot achieve greatness in comparison to everyone else. It just means that we all see things a bit differently. Some of us will modify the world that we exist in. Some retreat to the inner world of their thoughts, others create things which capture the attention and admiration of their peers which effectively changes the environment which they live in, while still others retreat to a mountain hideaway to escape from a world they consider unacceptable. Competition between individuals soon became competition between species as the twisted molecule figured out that it could better survive if a species did not predate upon itself. The species formed a group of its own kind and mostly competed with other species. Advance this principle by millions of years, add self-aware intelligence, make resources scarce and then a single species starts to compete again with itself. The hierarchy of chauvinism runs from individual to family unit, to extended family, to neighborhood and then to the region. “Those over the mountain range, they are the foreigners, the enemy. Anyone who looks different or speaks differently, they must be the enemy as well.”

9. Equal access to RESOURCES and EDUCATION
We are currently a competition based society. We struggle to live, endure strife and compete for our needs and for our place in society. We compete for all of the resources of life including the resource of education. One’s desire and ability should be the only limits to the level of Education achieved. Before we developed agriculture, of course we may have fought over scarce resources out of a need to survive but now rarely is fighting over resources a matter of life or death except when it comes to war over said resources(and those who have fallen through the gaps in the security net). By eliminating our competition model we would automatically satisfy this. But then what would motivate people to excel? This question remains.

Education – Content – All must be taught these things from an early age.

Education – Access – All must have equal access to the highest level of education that they are able and desirous of.

Agreement – All of these concepts must be accepted universally by a majority or the system will collapse. People must have a reason to accept them willingly.

Education will give people the reason. A unified society must teach all children as part of their basic education all that the society values, including a culture of peace and the civilities as well as technical learning in order to develop a culture of peace.

10. Voluntarily limit OUR NUMBERS
We cannot continue to increase our total numbers in a closed system (Earth) and there is no need to.

How different would be the place we live if we all thought about world peace as much as who was going to win the next ball game? That is not going to happen any time soon but we can work towards replacing our current culture of aggression and competition with a culture of peace. What would a civilization who had mastered interstellar travel think on encountering a culture who makes a sport of rendering someone unconscious? If every person on the planet made world peace their personal goal, war would be nearly impossible.

12. ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT without borders
As a start people should be able to travel freely between all geographical regions of Earth for peaceful reasons. Then continuing, people should be free to adopt any region as their home. Prior to the achievement of a single world government, the ability to adopt any region as home would motivate current governments to be honest, fair, just and efficient (otherwise their citizens would leave).

As a basic step until we are a unified world, we can be fair with trade.

14. Move beyond our system of COMPETITION
Currently we use competition to determine one’s level of success and access to resources which seems to be the cause of all struggle. This is closely tied in with #1’s We vs. They concept.

15. SELF-ACTUALIZATION and Self Esteem for all
If one is self-actualized and has a strong sense of self-worth he or she is not threatened by someone else. Their program running just below the surface is one of confidence & tranquility. Contrast this with someone whose underlying or subconscious program is one of fear, a feeling of inferiority and other stresses. This is closely tied in with numbers 5, 6 and 9.

16. EGO, the mind-made self. If individually and collectively we an allow the egoic self to dissolve … (As my edits continue, this one will likely move up to #1 place).


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