31 May

We live, we do some work, we form some relationships, we die. Yet during our lifetimes there are millions of people who lack the things that we the fortunate ones, enjoy.

Some people live in horrific conditions of poverty. Children who live in some groups have their genitals mutilated or surgically modified against their consent. In one country a group numbering one half the population is forbidden to even drive a car. In another country an offense against the regime in power lands not just the offender but three generations of her family in a forced labor prison.

The examples above are just a tiny number of the injustices that go on in this world that we all call our home. They are people-against-people offenses. They are not caused by some natural catastrophe or environmental reality. They are caused by people. They are caused by us. They are reversible and they are preventable.

When I ponder these things my next thought is, “How could I not attempt to change the world just a little bit for my having taken a place in it?”. Maybe I am seeking a purpose beyond that of my small, insignificant, biological life. I don’t think my aspirations are grandiose. I am not living under some delusion that our human world is going to magically change overnight simply because I write something. Our societal evolution is however a process. If I can simply propagate some small shift in the evolution of our society towards that of a more just and fair one, that is certainly better than having done nothing but lived and died.

Because I have no large sphere of influence I can only do several things at this point. I can endeavor to show to the few people I am in contact with, an example through my own life of the principals I espouse. Secondly, I can write my ideas down and hope that enough people, including those in positions of power and influence discover them and decide to help make a difference.

If any positive change comes at all due to what I have written and how I have lived my life I will consider it a success.

– Ivor Peter Brians


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