Human Operating System (2)

5 Jul

Especially for those of us with a rather active imagination, we may not be capable of achieving all that we dream of (at least not at our present level of evolution). To continue to hope for and pine after something which is currently impossible leads to frustration. The key is Acceptance.

What is the relationship between desire and acceptance? Is there a borderline at a certain level beyond which desires are fruitless and mere fantasy? If so, how can we know our own, personal boundary? One would not want to stop short of one’s full potential nor exist solely in a fantasy world.

Maybe the best course is to act on our life plan progressively a little at a time and continuously evolve it by updating our interests, desires, goals and activity as we experience life and gain knowledge. To do otherwise is to either live a fantasy life or to continue pushing the same impulse satisfaction buttons each day (those learned in the past which made us feel ‘OK’). This would be akin to stagnation or merely ‘going through the motions of life’.

To summarize my suggestion of the best approach in life to Desire, Potentiality and Acceptance: Identify present desires and continually strive for and evolve them while accepting life as it currently is.


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